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As technology takes over a new leaf with every passing decade, businesses need to accommodate their ways of operating in a similar fashion to sustain in this age of cut throat competition. As the mobile era came into being, it brought along numerous changes in the way of living of individuals all across the globe. From the customers to the producers, this wave touched lives in every sphere. SMS revolution is an outcome of this revolution that has drastically reduced the communication gap between the two. However, along with this, it has also made business operation way more competitive.

  • A user friendly interface to read the replies
  • 100% Client Satisfaction – Assured Quick Delivery
  • High End API, SMPP connectivity & Software Integration
  • Facility of Live Do Not Disturb Gateways
  • Customized Messaging from Excel Sheets (excel plug-in) to multiple users in a single push
  • Client & Database Protection
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100% SMS Delivery

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Why Use Location Based Sms Service

To stay afloat and make profits, one needs to be in tune with the latest trends in the market. Bulk SMSing is one such trend that has emerged as an amazing tool for conducting marketing and promotional strategies, as they ensure a wide reach and easy communication within seconds, that too at very economic and affordable rates. Check our exciting Promotional and Transactional SMS packages.

  • A complete online tool that requires only internet enabled computer for pushing SMS in INDIA
  • Unlimited Dynamic Sender Ids, SMS can be pushed from a dynamic sender ID
  • SMS can be pushed from a short reply number that allows the recipient to reply back

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